True Balance Yoga


Why Yoga?

No form of exercise benefits your mind, body and spirit like yoga.  Yoga works every major muscle group in a safe, low impact way that builds strength, flexibility, and balance.  What sets yoga apart from other workouts is how breath is linked to movement.  This creates a calm, focused mind and spirit, as well as numerous health benefits.

What is Holy Yoga?

Something powerful happens when we quiet our minds and focus on God.   We feel more at peace, more grounded.   New perspectives or solutions to problems come to us.  

Many of us desire to spend daily time with God but we often run out of time.  Holy Yoga classes allow you to enjoy meaningful time nurturing your spirit while also building a strong and healthy body.

Classes are Monday/Wednesday at 9 am, Tuesday at 10 am, and Thursday at 5:30 pm in my home studio.  (Thursday, at 10 am or 4 pm available upon request) 

Since space is limited, advanced reservation is recommended.  


Q:  What if I've never done yoga before?

A:  That's ok!  Most classes welcome every level of fitness & experience.  Your teacher will help you learn as you go.  

Q:  What do I need for class?  

A:  Just a yoga mat and water.  You will work up a mild sweat, so feel free to bring a small towel.  Best to wear comfortable yoga pants or athletic shorts and a yoga top or tee you can tuck in.  Feet are bare.

Q:  What's a typical class like?

A:  Each class follows a similar rhythm:  a few minutes of slow warm up and time to ponder a story or bit of wisdom, next we move into the active flow of class where enryone moves at their own level, ending with cool down and reflection.

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